Individual Plans

Contractors and Sole Proprietors

Not every business has enough employees to qualify for group benefits, but the need for health and dental coverage is still great. If you are a sole proprietor or contractor, there are a number of choices for you.

If you have not had coverage in the past 60 days consider the one of the two great options below:

Sonata Health - 3 different plan designs for individuals who are looking for insurance coverage for themselves and their families.

GSC Health Assist ZONE - Health Assist ZONE offers seven bundled plans with varying levels of health, dental, drug and travel coverage at competitive prices - plus a few added perks.

Are you newly retired? Do you no longer have an employer-sponsored group benefits plan?

If you are newly retired or still working but you will be losing your group benefits consider one of the two great options below:

Plan Direct - health and dental benefit plans designed for individuals retiring or leaving their job, providing quality coverage for people with different needs and lifestyles.

GSC Health Assist LINK - LINK provides varying levels of health, drug, dental and travel coverage at competitive prices - plus a few added perks.

Travel Insurance – If your group plan does not include it, you need an extension, or you have an unstable pre-existing condition that you want covered on your trip.

GetAwayInsured – A brokerage with 20+ years’ experience. We recommend Jason Melnick, a travel insurance specialist, to help you find the coverage you are looking for. Representing over a dozen different travel insurance products from across Canada, he will find you the best priced product available to cover your needs effectively and promptly. *Stability period requirements as low as 7-days! or 1-800-387-0339 ext. 12. Immediate response or within one business day.